On the coastal plains of the riverine state of Odisha, nestled between the ancient forest of Dandakya and the wave lapped shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, exist an Oasis of peace/calm known as Runa Ashram Resort. We have created and built this Eco Village in a way which emphases wellbeing, organic living,nature, and the purity of the mind, body and soul; so as to give guest an immersion into an alternative way of living through exploring the geographically, biologically, and culturally diverse local surroundings while experiencing the traditional Vedantic lifestyle prescribed for thousands of years by the sages of India.Equally inspired by East Asian aesthetics such as Wabi-Sabi, our Ashram is designed by using principles which highlight asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty,intimacy, and most importantly an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the forest with local guides, visit indigenous homesteads, as well as relax and play on a beach that is uncrowded by tourism or nightlife.Runa Ashram Resort is located right next to the Kusabhadra River, near to the beautiful empty beach of Ramchandi on about seven acres of farm land.Fruit trees and plant edibles are abundant in our landscape, and we add to the harvestable amount of plant life on the property every season. We grow several varieties of bananas, orange, custard apple, papayas,guava, mango,promagranite, cashew, neem, lychee, perennialgreens, herbs, our own yoga farm bred chilis, eggplant,capsicum, beans and peas, cucumber, tomato, onion, colliflower, cabbage, and potato to name a few. One deep water well provides crystal clear water. Being powered by Mother Nature,all the camp’s limited electricity consumption comes from solar power. We have sufficient power for minimum lighting but your mobile, laptop and other 'essential' gadgets use will have to be limited.


Our sense of community here is less typical than most intentional community projects. We see ourselves as a network of those who currently live with us, those who have in the past,those who support the project’s farmland, and those with whom we share the surrounding landscape and resources. We are not an insular or dogmatic enterprise, but rather an association of individuals, from disparate backgrounds, sharing common goals and common experience, whether they be of a spiritual or geographic nature. Doing so offers a multifaceted experience while staying at the Runa Ashram Resort and we welcome all to come explore them with us.